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Bad Drip Pennywise is a delicious and unique e-liquid that delivers a perfect blend of fruity and candy flavours with a twist of menthol. This e-liquid comes in a 50ml bottle and is perfect for those who love watermelon-flavoured vape juices with a sweet candy finish.

The flavour profile of Bad Drip Pennywise is a perfect blend of juicy watermelon, sweet taffy candy, and a touch of cool menthol, which gives it a unique and satisfying taste. The e-liquid also has a slight sweetness that adds a refreshing twist to the overall flavour. The 50ml bottle is perfect for those who want a larger quantity of e-liquid and comes in a convenient and easy-to-use bottle.

Overall, Bad Drip Pennywise is a high-quality e-liquid that is perfect for those who love watermelon and candy-flavoured vape juices with a refreshing touch of menthol. Its unique blend of fruity, candy and menthol flavours, along with its smooth and satisfying vaping experience, makes it an excellent choice for all vapers. Order your 50ml bottle of Bad Drip Pennywise today and experience the perfect blend of watermelon, candy, and menthol flavours!