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IVG brings you the UK’s first TPD-compliant 2400 puff disposable bars that combine state-of-the-art features and design to make vaping sustainable and more enjoyable for you. These big puff vapes mark a ground-breaking achievement for us as a brand and also for our UK and EU-based users, as they not only provide you with a long-lasting vaping experience, but our multi-flavour bars also allow you to vape different flavours in one bar.

With higher efficiency and portability, IVG’s newest big puff vape bars are next-generation vaping devices. Protected by worldwide patent(s), EP patent(s), and UK registered design(s),  they are the UK’s first TPD-compliant 2400 puff disposable bars, which are now legally available nationwide on our website. Some prominent features that make these bars distinct from other disposable vapes on the market include:

  • Offer savings of up to 53% as compared to multiple bar purchases.
  • Benefits of 4 disposable vapes in 1 bar.
  • Cost-effective and environmentally friendly.
  • 4 pods fitted inside are filled with IVG's premium e-liquids.
  • Ergonomic design with a rotating body to switch between pods.
  • 95% better value per puff when compared with other disposable bars on the market.