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For those who enjoy both vaping and cigars, the XO Havana Cigar disposable vape is the perfect partner. 
The recyclable cigar vape provides you with an impressive 600 puffs, which are equal to smoking five traditional cigars. Each puff is pleasant and enjoyable to enhance your vaping experience.

The XO Havana line is a true masterpiece, skill-fully developed to imitate the unmatched flavour and experience of smoking a cigar while omitting the dangerous chemicals connected with traditional tobacco products.

Each XO Havana Disposable Cigar delivers a smooth and gratifying nicotine impact thanks to its 20mg Nic Salt composition, taking your enjoyment to a whole new level. Simply take the product out of the package and enter the world of luxury. As soon as you begin to smoke your disposable cigar, you may have a truthfully exceptional experience that perfectly captures the spirit of a classic cigar in a portable form

XO Havana Cigar Disposable Flavours

  •  Andres – Mexican Tobacco blend of Veracruz Cigar Leaves.
  •  Cubana – Cuban Cigar Leaves with Bourbon Vanilla
  •  Daisy – Light, Mild Cuban Cigar Leaves with notes of fresh Blueberry.
  •  Retto – French Mild Cigar Leaves with hints of crushed Almond.
  •  Romeo – Mexican Cigar Leaves with Dark Chocolate.
  •  Venecia – Cuban Cigar Leaves with notes of Coffee Extract.


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