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The Evolution of Bottle Sizes in the UK Sub Ohm Distribution

The Evolution of Bottle Sizes in the UK

Bottle sizes have gone through various evolutionary changes since electronic cigarettes hit the UK.

The first wave of mainly Chinese manufactured and some UK brands were all 10ml plastic bottles. There were various reasons for this:

● Electronic cigarettes were still a new concept to the UK. New users would have been reluctant to commit to buying larger quantities in one go. Retailers would also have been wary to committing to larger sizes.

● E-cig devices were low powered, vape pen style. They were all Mouth To Lung (MTL). Therefore 10ml of ejuice was a decent size for new vapers to try and would also last sufficiently long enough.

● As it was a fledgling market and the vast majority of users were new users, e-liquids were mainly were around 70PG/30VG. They were introductory, starter liquids designed for Mouth To Lung, so again this type of liquid does just tend to be in 10ml.

US Premium Juice

A significant change and massively exciting time in the UK e-cig market was the introduction of US e-juice and US style bottles.

The market in the States has always been a few years ahead of the UK and European scene. The UK has made strides to catch up and the gap is far less than previously.

However, there’s no doubt that US vaping trends, particularly e-liquid, have always tended to develop first and Europe adopts these trends later. New and exciting vaping giants such as Element, Cuttwood, Kilo, Charlie’s Chalk Dust and others became household names in the UK industry.

Suddenly there were interesting looking glass bottles with pipettes. The first wave were 15ml. By today’s standards 15ml of juice seems paltry but for early vapers it seemed a decent amount. The other big new concept was that it was sub-ohm e-liquid, introducing the UK market to high VG liquid.

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